Badger 2040 Enclosure

This is my version of a 3D printable enclosure for the Badger 2040, a hackable, programmable badge with E Ink® display powered by the Raspberry Pi RP2040. This exceptionally affordable badge is sold by Pimoroni: Badger 2040

Updated Version

On a second badge I recently ordered, the display was slightly off compared to the first badge. I have therefore designed a new version (V3), which has a larger cutout for the display. Additionally, I reinforced the backside, so that the whole case is now very stable. But the best thing is that this version is compatible with the lanyard from Pimoroni. If this is not used, the gap can be covered by a fitting piece. Have fun with it!

The enclosure consists of a few plastic parts which are easily printable without support on any 3D printer. In addition to the plastic parts, you only need four 2 mm (pointed) screws with a length of 10 mm and possibly two magnets, each with a diameter of 10 mm and a thickness of 2 mm.

The magnets are available here: 10x2 mm Neodym Mini Magnets

A set with 2 mm screws, which you can also use for other projects, can be found here: 800 pieces of M2 screws

I have designed the housing so that all connections are still accessible. Any cables you might want to connect can be routed to the centre of the back of the badge. This way you have one place where all the cables come out. In combination with the magnets, the badge can be used as a display for all kinds of projects. Of course, you can still use the badge as a badge, because the hole for the strap is also there.

All connections are still accessible on the backside.
The cable channel can also be used to hide the battery cable.
This is the original battery case from Pimoroni.
With the magnets, the badge can be attached to many places.

I provide the STL files for free. Head over to to download them.

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