Keyboard section

The keyboard section defines some timeouts which apply to all keys.


To describe these values, I have to talk about the various action triggers first. The PicoSplit firmware supports three triggers for each key:

  • tap
  • long_tap
  • hold

A tap action is triggered when you press and release a key before tap_timeout (in seconds).

A long tap action is triggered when you press a key longer than tap_timeout but release it before long_tap_timeout (in seconds). In combination with the Shift action, which will be described later, you can type a capital letter, just by holding the key down a little longer.

A hold action is immediately triggered when you press a key. If you release the key before long_tap_timeout the hold action is released before a tap or long tap is triggered. If you press the key longer than long_tap_timeout, the hold action is released when you release the key. Its action does not affect a tap or long tap if it emits modifier keys or switches to another layer.

You are probably wondering what this is good for? With the hold action you can assign modifiers to keys which are normally used to type characters. The PicoSplit keyboard uses hold actions to put all modifiers on the home position keys. Hold actions are also used to activate some layers.

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