Badger 2040 W Enclosure

This is my version of a 3D printable case for the Badger 2040 W, a hackable, programmable badge with E-Ink® display powered by a Raspberry Pico W.

This badge is sold by Pimoroni: Badger 2040 W

The case has the following features:

  • You can press the five buttons on the front and the two buttons on the back.
  • Optionally, use magnets to make the case stick to magnetic surfaces (e.g. on a refrigerator). You can also use the magnets to attach other addons to the case. There are notches on the back to align the case with the add-on.
  • The cutout for the display always looks good, even if the e-paper display is not always in the same place due to the production process.
  • You can modify the case yourself because STEP files are included.

The case consists of a few plastic parts which are easily printable without support on any 3D printer. In addition to the plastic parts, you only need four 2 mm (pointed) screws with a length of 10 mm and optionally two magnets, each with a diameter of 10 mm and a thickness of 2 mm.

The magnets are available here: 10x2 mm Neodym Mini Magnets

A set with 2 mm screws, which you can also use for other projects, can be found here: 800 pieces of M2 screws

I provide the STL and STEP files for free. Head over to to download them.

Assembled case


Display bezel

Stick the display bezel onto the display with thin double-sided adhesive tape. A strip of tape on the short side where there are no buttons is sufficient (on the left side in this image).

Bottom part

If you want to use magnets, put one in each of the holes.

Bottom part with the badger on top

Bottom with display

Screw the bottom and top halves of the housing together

Filler piece

If you don't want to wear the badge on a lanyard, you can close the hole for the clip with the filler piece.

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