Layer section

A layer has a name. It contains rules for action triggers (tap, long_tap or hold). There must be at least one layer - the base layer - and you can define multiple additional layers. Only one layer can be active at any time. However, rules do not have to be defined for all keys on each layer. For keys without a rule, the rule from the base layer is used.

Here is an example with all three action triggers and all available actions:

 1 : tap=Codes[ Q ] : long_tap=Shift
 6 : tap=Codes[ A ] : long_tap=Shift : hold=Codes[ LEFT_GUI ]
17 : tap=ChangeLayer( Special )
18 : tap=ResetKeyboard
 6 : tap=Sequence[Codes[ LEFT_ALT, U ]; Codes[ A ]] : long_tap=Sequence[Codes[ LEFT_ALT, U ]; Codes[ LEFT_SHIFT, A ]] : hold=Codes[ LEFT_GUI ]

A line which defines rules for a key starts with the key number followed by at least one rule. A rule consists of the trigger name (tap, long_tap or hold) followed by the equal sign and the action. Rules are separated by colons.

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